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How To Join

What do I need to join Fulton Teachers' Credit Union?

Fill out a membership application and sign the back. 
     Joint members must also sign and supply the following documents.

A copy of your unexpired government issued ID with your current address. Ex: GA Driver’s License, Military ID, or Government issued ID.  For Minor accounts, we need a copy of their social security card. 
      **No P.O. Boxes — NOT accepted as a current address.

A copy of another document verifying your current address.  Ex: Utility bill (water, electricity, gas, cable), Rental agreements, Payroll voucher, Mortgage documents, or Income Tax documents.  Joint members must also provide a document with his/her name and current address. 
      **No Credit/Debit Card Bills or cell phone bills — NOT acceptable documents.

④ $5 initial opening deposit for savings account
      $25 initial opening deposit for checking account. 
      **As per the President of FTCU, if the member does not have the cash/check for initial deposit, a payroll deduction form can be filled out, and the first deduction will be used as the initial deposit. (ONLY for members who are FCBOE, FCBOE Pension, Woodward Academy, The Westminster School, The Lovett School, and The Schenck School).

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